The Imaginarium features the Gachas and Exclusives you have come to know and love from Gimme Gacha Creators plus HUNDREDS of single items available at enormous discounts! Here is how it works!

Each Creator have been given a booth. Inside that booth you will find an amazing gacha and special exclusive item both unique to The Imaginarium event. Along side those you will also find tons of items from our Creators shops at insane discounts! How insane you ask? The single items are priced to match the gachas!

For example! Doe has out 3 different hair styles in 9 different colors

Usually those lovely hairdos would cost you about L$300 a piece but NOT at the Imaginarium! They will be available for ONLY L$75! And what is even cooler is that just like purchases from the gacha count towards earning the exclusive so do single item purchases! Thats right! For the first time ever you can earn one of our exclusives with more than just gacha plays! It only takes a total of 20 purchases to earn the exclusive and those purchases can be any combination of single items and gacha plays!

We hope you enjoy The Imaginarium as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you! Good luck and may the rares be ever in your favor hehe!