Hey guys! I got lots of questions sent in to me last night about the new event. As most of them are the same I decided to answer them in a post! Here we go!


  1. Q: How many NEW items will I need to make?
    A: You will need ONE NEW Gacha set and ONE NEW exclusive.

  2. Q: What are the single sell items, how many do I need?
    A: Single sell items DO NOT need to be new. They just need to be discounted from their normal in store price so that they match your gacha pull price. You can have as many as you can fit comfortably in your booth and within your prim limits.

  3. Q: What will the single sell items do?
    A: They will count towards the 20 purchases players need to earn your exclusive. The idea is give you more revenue options at the event! The more opportunities you have to sell the better!

  4. Q: Do I need to apply for the event?
    A: Those in the Gimme Gacha Productions group DO NOT need to apply. If you are in the group it means we want you involved with any event we run that you have time for!